At 8586m high Kangchenjunga is the 3rd highest mountain in the world.  On 20 May 2011 I summited via the original ascent route, the South West face.

Kangchenjunga is one of the harder 8000m peaks and is much more of a challenge than Everest.  To put it in perspective, Everest has now had over 5000 ascents while Kangchenjunga had only had 243 at the time I attempted it (+about 30 now I think).  That is even less ascents than K2.

Many thanks to the sherpa team and in particular Dawa Sherpa, who was a great help during this expedition.

This was by far the strangest expedition I have been on.  Read about what happened on the descent here: Rescue

Look at photos and a video here:


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  1. De Rycke Griet says:

    I wish you and the team a lot of succes . Many greetings to Mingma Sherpa and Ming Temba Sherpa ( They are my friends , they now me very well with my nickname , Kursani didi )

  2. Asim Gupta says:

    Waiting eagerly to hear the details of your expedition

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